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Knights of Lazarus

Knights of Lazarus presents an uncrackable dungeon. The crew must discover the best tactics to combat specialized enemies, negotiate through encounters, and choose whether to retreat or push their luck through The Ship Canterbury.

Familiar Faces Vol.1

Familiar Faces Vol 1 is a zine of story hooks. Players discover new opportunities through the motivations, biographies, eccentric acquaintances, and described pasts of these characters. A complete satellite system setting or plug-n-play with your favorite NPCs and services.

Constant Downpour

A psychological thriller inspired by Ray Bradbury's "The Long Rain". Players face a near-hopeless environment that slowly whittles away their sanity. Stumble through the jungle, survive the clearings, and fend off river monsters while rafting.

It has heart. You can feel that heart. The art is awesome. The presentation is awesome. I really like this preview you put together. I’m really excited about backing it on the first.

Zac, World of Game Design

“The hooks aspect is great…Overall I think it’s a really fun package.

The art and the characters are really rich…I’d love to give my players a reason to start throwing coins into weird
parts of the game.”

Christian, MeatCastle Gameware

Knights of Lazarus reimagines the standard run and gun adventure with new levels of negotiation, danger, and opportunity.